Roof Repairs or Roof Replacement

When To Choose Roof Repairs Or Roof Replacement

When Is It Ok To Do Roof Repairs?

Roof repairs mean working on a smaller part of your roof, usually not working on any serious structural issues your roof might have. It could be replacing shingles, patching up small damage or holes, etc. This might sound like a good DIY project, but unless you have the training and the knowledge, it is easy to miss things that will lead to massive long-term damage.
As long as the damage is isolated, there are no signs of mold, water infiltration, and no signs of major structural damage. Roof repairs may be enough. You could check for roof damage yourself through a visual inspection, but the best way to figure out whether you need repairs or roof replacement is to hire a professional company to provide you with a complete roof inspection. Pisgah Roofing provides free roof inspections, so feel free to contact us directly today.

It is important to note that roof repairs are meant only for minimal damage, and if you have reason to suspect that something might be wrong with your roof or your last roof replacement was a long time ago, the best course of action is to hire a professional to do a complete roof replacement.


The Benefits Of Roof Replacement

If your aim is to protect your home from potential damage, roof replacement is your safest bet. By replacing your entire roof, you are sure that no spots are left unnoticed and unattended. This means your deck will be attended to, all the shingles will be replaced, and your home will be safe for years to come.

A complete roof replacement will improve the aesthetic of your home. New shingles will always look better than old ones, you will not have color mismatches, and they provide a feel and look that only brand-new roofs can. This, in turn, can increase the property’s value if you have plans to sell the property. Besides the aesthetics, it is important to know that the roof will not be causing problems for you. An important thing is also your insurance coverage. If you do not maintain and replace your roof, damage that comes as a consequence might be considered negligence and grounds to refuse your coverage. So extend your insurance coverage by replacing your entire roof. We realize that such replacements are expensive, but you should also think long-term.

The Cost Of A New Roof

It is hard to say the exact cost of a new roof without first providing you with a detailed inspection. We have to see what materials you would like to use for the replacement, the size of your roof, inspect your deck for damage, and determine whether any replacement and repairs will be needed there. When it is all summed up, it might seem like a large sum, but it is a long-term investment into your property, raising its price, lowering your utilities, and protecting you from possible secondary damage.

When To Call Your Insurance

In cases of obvious roof damage like tree damage or storm damage, it is important to call your insurance as soon as possible. They will explain the next steps of the process for you and help file your claim. Pisgah Roofing and Restoration can help provide a quote for insurance purposes.

When there is damage, it might be smarter to call your roofing company first. If the damage is under your deductible amount, you will not receive any price rate hikes from your insurance. If you call us first, we will provide you with a free inspection and communicate with your insurance provider directly to cover your potential costs.