Best Asphalt Roof Colors

How To Pick The Right Color For Roof Asphalt Shingles

Picking the right color


Your roof accounts for a big part of curb appeal and is one of the significant things seen from the street.  Picking the right color asphalt shingle for your home is an investment.  It will enhance your home and make it shine in the best possible light. You are picking colors that work together with your home’s exterior and the surrounding environment. 


The first thing to consider is the other colors of the outside of your home.  Siding, shudders, and accent colors all play a role in what color shingles you should choose.  The roof color should be darker and contrast to the other outer features of the home. 


Take into account that the colors should also accent each other. When the shingles pick up accent colors in the trim, front door, or shudders, it will tie together the exterior look. 


Asphalt shingles are produced in solid colors and blends. Consider using color blends of shingles for the outside roof of your home if you have a plain or solid color siding.  This will add more depth of color and contrast. But, if you have stonework, siding, and wood accents, you should stick to a single or solid color roof shingle rather than a blend. 



Another thing to consider when selecting shingles is the climate in which you live. Lighter shingles will not become as warm and help to keep AC bills under control in warm temperatures. In comparison, darker shingles will help to absorb sunlight and melt snow in colder climates. 



You need to take into account your home architecture, style, and setting when selecting shingles.  Certain homes will benefit from a particular look for the roof. For example, if you have a wood-sided rustic home or cabin, deep greens are used, or green/brown blends are a great accent.  More traditional houses usually use dark blends or black shingles. Mixing darker and lighter tones can create a vintage look for older homes or single-story ranches. 

Real Estate

For home-selling purposes, it’s not a good idea to have the most unique house in the neighborhood.  Take this into consideration even if you have a funky style or are ok for a roof color to specifically stand out. 


When selecting a roof shingle color, many factors determine what works best with your home. Most companies have a visualizer tool into which you can insert a photo of your home and see what different shingles will look like on it, all before you make a final decision and purchase.


Contacting a professional company will make the process much easier than trying to attempt any decisions on your own.