Commercial Roofing Services

 If you are looking for a new install, roof replacement,  or repair, contact Pisgah Roofing & Restoration. We provide professional roofing services for your commercial property. Pisgah Roofing offers a great variety in roof installation and materials for your roofing project.

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roof Installs

New Roof Installs

Are you building a new property and need a professional roofing company to install your new roof? Call Pisgah Roofing. We can help you with membrane roofs, modified bitumen roofs, or shingle roofs.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

If you have a roof and need it replaced for any reason; wear and tear, storm damage or simply to improve functionality. Pisgah Roofing can help you with your new roof replacement. With efficient timelines, we minimize business interruptions that may affect your day-to-day operations.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial Roof Repairs

Pisgah Roofing can help repair any type of damage you might have on your commercial roof. If you found a leak in your roof, tree damage, or you need preventative maintenance, Pisgah Roofing is your go to commercial roofer.

New Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Coating

Coating your commercial roof is a great way to protect it. Roof coating is made out of polymer based liquid compounds and can be sprayed or rolled on to your existing roof. We can add a coating to almost any type of commercial roof. Call us today for an inspection and quote.

Types of Roofs We Work On

Pitched Roofs

These roofs are common with banks, restaurants and other commercial buildings. Some of the benefits of pitched roofs include; better runoff for snow and water, reduced need for repair, reduced mold or moss buildup, and a lower risk of the roof collapse due to the extensive water or debris buildup.

Commercial Flat Roof

Low Sloped Roof

These roofs are especially common among warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings. Some of the benefits for this type of roof include; slight pitch aiding in water running off, proper drainage, fewer building materials are required, and It's safer to perform maintenance. Roofers can also use all sorts of roofing materials for this structure type.

Flat Roofs

This is the most common type of roof among commercial buildings. Some of the benefits of a flat roof include; cheaper and cost-effective and quicker to installation, repair, and maintenance. Flat roofs can work with almost any type of roofing material and are better reflective properties that greatly reduce energy waste.

Commercial Roofing Done Right

We can replace, install or repair your comercial roof

Pisgah Roofing & Restoration can help you with any type of material for your commercial roof. However, if this is your first time selecting a replacement roofing material, you may be wondering what the best one is.

No product is explicitly better than the other. Instead, each roofing material provides a different purpose. Some are more durable than others and provide shielding from the elements, whereas others offer a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


A good example of different roofing materials is thermoplastic roof membrane and metal roofing. Metal roofing is a straightforward roofing material, and it comes in large of variety of options. There are metal tile sheets, copper, aluminum, and tin.


On the other hand, the thermoplastic roof membrane does not come in a large variety, but it is the jack of all trades. It is not prone to mold or moss, is highly reflective, has excellent resistance to UV light, and great weather resistance. Most companies prefer getting thermoplastic roofing because of how effective and financially efficient it is.


There are different types of commercial roofing materials for you to choose from and the best one depends on the operations inside and personal preference. 

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