Roof Repairs Brevard NC

Your Brevard Licensed Roof Repair Company

If you find damage to your roof in Brevard, NC call Pisgah Roofing & Restoration immediately. We offer free quotes, satisfaction guarantee, and we ALWAYS call you back. Don’t trust out of town companies to handle your roofing needs, trust Pisgah. We service all of Brevard, Pisgah Forest, and surrounding areas.

Types of Roof Damage We Fix

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks begin to appear on your ceiling in your home usually before you notice them. If you see a water spot, or staining your ceiling call Pisgah Roofing for an inspection.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can cause devastating damage to your roof, and sometimes without you noticing or being visible. Hail can cause dents, divots, and can break shingles. Often times to see the full extent of the damage you need a professional inspection.

Major Roof Damage

Sometimes it’s just a missing or damaged shingle. Other times you have major damage to your roof from a recent storm, fire or something else. Pisgah Roofing is a license roofing contractor and can repair your roof or build you a new one.

Do You Have Roof Damage In Brevard, NC

Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection with a drone

Responding Quickly To Roof Repairs

If you let roof damage linger you run the risk of causing additional damage to your roof, home, structure and more. The best is always to get a professional roofing inspection as soon as you recognize any type of damage. 


Pisgah Roofing is a local Brevard, NC company that helps you determine the extent of the roof damage and come up with a game plan to fix and restore your roof and home. A safe roof also means a safe home.