Brevard NC

Nestled in a serene valley of towering Blue Ridge Mountains, this small, family-oriented small town has abundant natural and cultural resources.

Brevard has a unique welcoming feel that invites visitors from different parts of the world to enjoy trails, quiet forests, rivers, music, shops, and, most importantly, the small-town and easy-going charm. Brevard has beautiful scenery around the town. The city is full of some interesting indoor and outdoor fun activities that include camping and biking around the forests.


Brevard encompasses 5.12 sq.miles in western North Carolina. The city is 27 miles away from Ashville and about 8 miles away from the Carolina border. Home to 7,609 people, Brevard is much more than just gorgeous cascades. Its all-American main streets and local galleries make it extraordinary places in North Carolina.


The beautiful city in Transylvania County offers a great place to live. Let’s delve into the details and find out more features of Brevard.


Restaurant and Dining in Brevard

If you are visiting downtown Brevard, you will find some incredibly good restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual food. You will find a wide range of sandwich shops and find pizza with some amazing options for grills, bars, and specialty cafes. Rocky’s Grills and Soda Shop, for instance, is the oldest eatery spot to try American cultural cuisine in Brevard. The restaurant offers 1950’s style menu that includes e hot dogs, and burgers.

Some other great dining choices in Brevard include;

  • Marco Trattoria
  • Phoenix Lounge
  • Bracken Mountain
  • Jamie’s Creole 
  • Quixote Fine Cuisine
  • Mayberry’s Soups and Sandwiches

Shopping Fun in Brevard

Shopping is another big reason that makes Brevard one of the favorite places of people. The city is full of some excellent shops throughout Downtown. OP Taylors Toy Store, for example, is a unique shop that offers families and children delight for several years. DD Bulwinkel’s is another popular place that offers unique sportswear and local wear brands throughout. If you are fond of hiking, it is undeniably a great place to get your outfit or buy a souvenir.

Some other great stores in Brevard include;

  • Dragonfly Gallery
  • Local Color
  • Theophilus
  • Gravy

Economy of Brevard

As mentioned above, Brevard makes an excellent place to visit and live, and that ultimately makes this city a great place to find work opportunities. The city has a thriving economy that helps not only attract but also retain talent. The city has seen a significant increase (10.5 percent) in the job market over the lasts two years. According to experts, the future job growth rate of Brevard is 38.6 percent, which is comparatively higher than the average rate of the USA.


Living Cost in Brevard

The cost of living in Brevard is 92.5 percent, which is cheaper than the average rate of the US. With its good economy, low crime rate, and no income tax on different social security benefits, Brevard is undeniably a great place to live.


Attractions in Brevard

While the Brevard is full of incredible boutique shops and restaurants, there are tons of attractions when it comes to enjoy throughout the city. Some top attractions include:

  • Brevard Theater
  • Brevard Music Center
  • Brevard College
  • Art Galleries
  • Porter Centers for the Performing Arts

The surrounding areas offer plenty of attractions such as interesting pottery galleries where creative people can enjoy some interesting indoor activities. Not only has this, but Brevard also hosted a wide variety of events such as Mountain Song and White Squirrel Festival, Halloween fest, Christmas Parade, 4th July Celebration, and Twilight tour.


Brevard is popular for some exciting outdoor activities, particularly hiking and camping. And Pisgah National Forest is one of the best places with beautiful scenery and long and short hiking trails, waterfall, and rivers. You have many options for things, fishing, water activities, and horseback riding.


Health Care in Brevard

The healthcare workforce in Brevard ensures to provide quality medical care to the local community. Health care is accessible to everyone and is also affordable. Transylvania County is on the 16th rank for its health outcomes.


The city has many top-quality health care centers, offering comprehensive services. Transylvania Regional hospital, for instance, is a community hospital in Brevard with a 92-bed facility and 600 employees. One hundred twenty active physicians and consultants, the hospital has a full spectrum of medical specialties.


Overall, Brevard is an excellent growing town with tons of defining features that make living fun and excitin

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